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About Fenixx

Cherry L.A.
Cherry is a Registered Nurse, Former Nail Technician & CEO who founded Fenixx Nail Colors while in search for more than the average cover/core colored acrylic powders.
Cherry created Fenixx Nail Co so that all nail technicians and their customers would have options. Remembering the days of being a nail tech and having limited options of pink, white, natural, and peach powders.  Tired of mixing and matching different colors and brands together.  Attempting to create the perfect match for a customers skin tone. 
No more mixing your own colors to get the perfect match. 
Fenixx Nail Color focuses on a wide range of Foundation (Cover) Acrylics, for even the hardest-to-match skin tones. We prefer the term Foundation Acrylics, because all luxury nail sets start with a luxury foundation.  Our formulas work for nail techs of all skill levels.  Even more our powders range in colors for all skin types, darkest to the lightest.  If you're Looking for acrylics to match any skin tone, Love your nails a little more and Shop Fenixx Nail Co!
Our mission is to provide quality products in a wide range of colors. 
We're serving Quality, with a huge dash of Luxury!