Dip Solution Trio

Dip Solution Trio

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Want the perfect set of dip nails? Our Dip Solution Trio has everything you need to get started - dip, activate, and top coat! Say goodbye to lame, boring nails and hello to tips that'll *dip 'em to envy!* (don't worry - it's a lot easier than it sounds!)

Top Coat, Base Coat, and Activator ONLY!


How To Use!

Step 1: Sanitize both your and your client's hands using hand sanitizer. This ensures a clean and hygienic environment for the nail application process.

Step 2: Prepare the nails by pushing and cutting the cuticles. Ask your client to wash their hands without applying any oil. Next, use a buffer to gently smooth the surface of all 10 fingers, paying attention to the sides and tips of the nails. Brush away any dust and apply a Low Acid Primer.

Step 3: Apply a base coat to the entire nail, being careful not to get it on your client's skin. Use the 3 stroke method for an even application. Dip each nail into your desired powder color of choice, ensuring full coverage. Repeat this step for all 10 fingers. If the nail length is medium to long, apply a second layer using the same process. Once the foundation is done, apply an activator to dry the powder. File and buff the nails to create a smooth surface.

Step 4: Apply a thin layer of base coat to the entire nail. Dip each nail into the desired color powder, tapping the finger to remove any excess powder. Repeat this step for all 10 fingers. Dust off any remaining loose powder. Then, apply another coat of base coat close to the cuticle and dip the finger into the desired color again. Repeat this step for all 10 fingers.

Step 5: Dust the hands and nails to remove any excess powder, including under the nails. Apply a color base and dip each nail into crystal clear powder. Follow this with an activator to dry the powder. Repeat this step for all 10 fingers.

Step 6: Shape the nails to the desired length and style using a file. Then, buff the nails to smooth out any rough edges. Apply activator to the nails and allow the client to wash their hands without soap, ensuring they are completely dry.

Step 7: Apply a thin coat of top coat to one hand, starting from the pinkie to the thumb. Be quick and avoid getting too close to the cuticles. After each finger, wipe the brush on a clean paper towel. Apply another thin coat of top coat, this time closer to the cuticle area, again starting from the pinkie to the thumb. Repeat this process on the other hand. Allow the nails to air dry for 1 to 2 minutes.

Following these steps will result in beautifully manicured nails while maintaining a clean and hygienic environment throughout the process.

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