Monthly Subscription

Monthly Subscription

Monthly Subscription

We at Fenixx Nail Co are so excited to bring to you our very signature Subscription Box.  Each month you can expect to receive anywhere from $50-$70 worth of products for $39.99. Every Subscription is mailed out between the 13th-15th of each month.  Any subscription purchased after the 15th of the month will mailed out the following month. WHY? Because you are purchasing your subscription a month ahead of time.  If you would like to purchase the subscription box with out the commitment.  You can purchase the box after the 15th once it goes live.  

What can you expect in each box?

The Box will themed.  March box consisted of 3 limited 1oz green shades of acrylic valued at $47.97, one 15ml bottle of gel polish valued at $15.99, one 30 pack of large decorative lux crystals valued at $7.99, two15ml pack of green raw glitters valued at $10.00, and a nail pack of 500pcs coffin tips valued at $12.99.  The entire box was based of of St. Patrick with an entire value of $90+.  That's beyond the monthly cost of $39.99 and we cant say that every box will have a value above $50-$70 however we can say each month your definitely getting a good bang for your buck.  


When will I receive my box?

Subscription boxes will be mailed out between the 13th-15th of each month


I purchased my subscription on the 21st of the month why didnt i get a box?

You will receive your box the following month, because all subscription boxes will be mailed out between the 13th-15th of each month.


I want to know what's in the box before I buy it.

What's the fun in that?  Sorry each box is themed that's all we can say.  




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